Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 23 - Wednesday, December 28th 2011

My first auto-ship was sent today. Looks like we're in for another month of Protandim! :)

No major incidences to report, but my overall sense of well-being is slowly growing stronger. I feel much more energetic in the mornings, to the point where I usually don't go for my usual second cup of coffee when I get ot work. I'm able to focus better, think things through, and get through the day without popping any ibuprophen. My sleep hasn't really been effected by the Protandim. I am on trazodone and nortryptiline at night which together knock me the hell out, but I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night. One thing I have noticed is that my anxiety has not improved at all. I am hoping that this is effected over the long-term by the Protandim and my body's ability to deal with itself. Right now, however, I still get panic attacks. Unfortunately I had a violent one a couple days ago and ended up scratching up my forearms. It feels good to not be in daily physical pain, but my brain still has some issues to work out.

I have not yet once forgotten to take my Protandim. I look forward to the effects each and every day and look forward to finding new improvements in my health and well being. I recommend the product to anyone who notes my change in appearance. Actually, here is something worth noting:  I was speaking with a colleague at work and he mentioned that I looked well. I asked him, "What, did I not look well before?" and he said "Well, no. You looked sick. You don't look sick anymore." After the initial butt-hurt of being told I've looked sick for the past year that I've known the guy, I was really glad to hear that my improved health was visible to others. My mom told me that I was less "uptight", but I have a hard time believing I was uptight before. Stressed out, yes. But not uptight. I was pretty easy going before, but now I feel easy going and more aware and alert. Relaxed because I know what's going on and I can handle it, as opposed to relaxed because I stopped giving a damn.

There are lots of good challenges coming up that will be excellent tests for the Protandim and its effects on my system. I'm working on costumes for a haunted attraction, creating my own costumes for a new stage production with  my dance troupe, and writing three brand new, full length choreographies for the new production too. Along with the daily toddler/boyfriend/dayjob/chores routine, of course. That makes for an exciting few months. Let's see if I survive.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 16 - Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Over two weeks in, now. I won't bother with the daily updates anymore, just assume that I took the Protandim and Zoloft in the AM, and the tramodol and nortryptiline before bed, unless otherwise noted.

Also, I began a regimen of daily daytime topical application of clindamycin and daily nighttime topical application of Retin-A, along with a 14-day long prescription of doxycycline for acne. My antibiotic prescription is almost finished.

The sick feeling I felt in the first couple weeks of the Protandim left me a few days ago. I feel energized mentally and physically. I have not taken a pain pill in over a week, with the exception of two tylenol yesterday morning for a headache. My skin is clearing up, with the help of the topical application and from removing a good deal of dairy from my diet, I imagine, but also because of the Protandim. My skin got WAY worse before it got better. So anyone starting treatment of any kind, be prepared for that. Now even my scars are starting to fade. I was able to lead a high paced class through two hours of drills and choreography without taking any meds, drinking any energy drinks, or stopping because i couldn't stand up anymore. I'm drinking water all day long, and avoid soft drinks most of the time. I still enjoy my pastries in the morning but I have noticed my inflammation is not nearly at the severity it was just two weeks ago. The closest thing I have come to a fibro fit was after a particularly stressful day where I lost it a little, and my upper body got very sore and my arm muscles did their creepy crawly dance. But my usual debilitating ankle pain has not visited since I started the Protandim.

Overall I am very pleased with how my body is reacting to all the different things I'm adding to (and taking from) my daily routine. With just over half way to go in my first month, I am very excited to see how my quality of health improves as the months go on.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 11 - Friday, December 16th, 2011

I know I promised myself I would write every day, but I'm a busy girl! Anyway, a recap of the week:

Day 8 - Tuesday, December 13th
One week down, Protandim and Zoloft with toaster streudel and coffee in the morning. My cold symptoms are raging but my body isn't feeling too unhappy. Unforunately, I am keeping myself, my boyfriend, and my son awake all night with my coughing fits. Sometimes I cough so much it makes me gag. Taking an Alegra has helped with the stuffy nose enough for me to get some sleep, but my head is still all liquidy.

Day 9 - Wednesday, December 14th
Daily Protandim and Zoloft breakfast. The cold and flu symptoms are starting to go away. Unfortunately, I'm feeling really fibro-y in my arms and wrists today. I was able to hang with my son and get some stuff done around the apartment, but I still felt like I had restless leg in my arms. Not the first time I've felt that way, but it doesnt happen often. Kept everyone up all night coughing again. Looking forward to that part being done.

Day 10 - Thursday, December 15th
Daily Protandim and Zoloft coctail. My cold symptoms are definitely diminishing now. My head is clear and I'm able to focus on work without ingesting tons of coffee. My body feels very spry and sharp. When I drill, I feel like i can identify more little muscle movements all over my body. From the teeny muscles in my abdomen wall to the little ribbons holding my fingerbones together. I seem to have a bit more control over my little movements. Tonight my troupe announced a reallignment in officer duties. I was named head choreographer and instructor, as well as Jewel performer, for the Jewels that Raq. This is great, but on my way home I had a panic attack thinking about all the new responsibilities on my plate. It triggered a fibro fit and caused me to completely shut down. After my night meds I calmed down and was able to sleep, but I still woke up every hour or so. Protandim does not protect one from panic attacks, at least early in its introduction into the body.

Day 11 - Friday, December 16th
Daily Protandim and Zoloft. My symptoms are gone except for a bit of a stuffy nose. I feel awesome and have been able to get a lot of work done today (even some actual running back and forth between suites). I'll say it. I love this stuff. Can't wait to see what else developes in the coming months.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 6 - Monday, December 12th, 2011

I wasn't able to connect to the internet over the weekend, so a daily update wasn't in the cards. I do have some interesting notes to share, though, so I'll start with the end of the workday Thursday.

Thursday Night - After a full day of work and a couple hours of toddler-wrangling, the dance troupe had a two hour block of super-rehearsal to get ready for Sunday's show. We were all up way too late, but we got a lot of work done. I was able to power through the whole night without getting fatigued, but was able to relax into sleep after I showered and went to bed. Took my usual nighttime coctail of Nortryptaline and Trazodone and bid the world good night.

Friday - Woke up even more sick. Throat is sore, nose is completely blocked, but surprisingly not too sore. Took my Protandim and Zoloft. I called in to work, one because I was too sick to go in anyway and two because I had tons of running around to do that was just waiting for an opportunity like a day off to get done. The only way I could tell I was sick was by my congested nose and slightly muffled hearing. I powered through the whole day without feeling sore, tired, flighty... all those usual sickie feelings. The real test lies yet ahead, though... as tonight, my boyfriend and I  worked at Sinister Pointe's Not So Merry Christmas haunted event. I was a scary "Ralphie in his bunny suit" and spent the night screaming, giggling, and jumping up and down like a loon. With the help of a can of Monster, I bee-bopped the whole night through. I was certainly sore at the end of the night, but as sore as I would have been doing this a month ago? Not even close. It's close to a miracle that I was able to be on my feet for that many hours at a time. My sick took over in the middle of the night, however, and I spent most of the night coughing and blowing my nose. Unfortunately, Protandim doesn't do much for the common cold, but it's working wonders on my energy level and pain management. Along with my usual Trazodone and Nortryptaline dessert, I also took one of my boyfiend's Allegra's. After a couple hours, I was finally able to crash.

Saturday - Slept til 11, thank the Man Jesus! Ended up taking my morning meds a little late, but they still got in there with a full bottle of water. Moving today was a challenge. Once I was up and about, things started loosening up and I was bippy and good to go after an hour or so of wandering around the house. I'm noticing my concentration is more focused, and I'm able to multitask more. I spent a few hours preparing and mending costuming for Sunday's show, and got a surprising amount done in the little time I had. Saturday night, my boyfriend and I worked at the Not So Merry Christmas haunted event again, but this time, my voice was no where to be found, and i was unable to effectively communicate with the guests. My cold started to rage and by the end of the night, I had resorted to standing on a wall and smashing a thunder jug against the wall in a pitiful attempt at a startle scare. There was no rescuing me, I was sick. But, once the maze closed down and we were all getting out of costume, I really didn't feel that sore or stiff. My throat, head, eyes, nose, and ears were all ringing/throbbing/dripping/burning, but my body was still in tact. It's a very strange feeling, to have a cold but not feel too much physical pain or exhaustion. At least, its a very strange feeling to me. I usually can't walk to the end of the block and back without being laid up for days after.

Sunday - Slept til 11 again, took my morning meds and started my day with a trip to my mom's and to the market. Once I was up and about, again, I felt great. My voice at this point is completely gone, my throat feels like i had been breathing fire, and my nose is painfully congested. Gotta say, though, considering my two nights of scaring and being disgustingly sick, I wasn't feeling too bad at all. After an energy drink, the rest of the day flew right by with no hitches at all!  Sunday night was my dance troupe's last performance of 2011, and it was really important  because some big promotors were going to be in the audience, and we had to make it our best show ever. Unfortunately, we were short lots of warm bodies and had to create a show with half the cast. Somehow, we created the smoothest and most on-target performance we have ever done! Not one sound glitch, not one wardrobe malfunction... just perfection. Everyone was on their A game. And for me, I experienced something I maybe never felt before... walking off the stage after my final solo performance, I knew that this performance had been the best one I've ever given. EVER. I felt it in every movement, in every breath. This was what my body was now capable of. Control, grace, fluidity, strength... these things were all in there, just waiting to come out. They made themselves known tonight, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. If that is to be the final performance of my career, I would not be dissapointed at all. It was an incredible feeling. :)

Monday - Back to the routine. Got the toddler up, took my meds, got lunches together, got ready, and went to work. I am still yucky sick, but I have been able to focus on catching up from Friday and haven't yet lapsed into my usual mid-morning daydreaming.  If I may be so bold, I'd say the Protandim has made a very positive impact on my daily routine so far. I look forward to seeing the long-term effects.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 3 - Thursday, December 8th 2011

Took my morning coctail of Protandim and Zoloft. Everything is on super-slo-mo today. Last night I thought making a headdress was more important than relaxing and sleeping. Though now I have a cute new costume piece, today I'm sleepy and foggy.

In general, I feel the same as I did yesterday. My body physically feels like its awake, even though  my mind and eyes are dim. It's hard to tell, since I still have a cold (and now strep throat) if the Protandim is helping me at all, but I will find out after this ailment passes and things return to a normal schedule.

The schedule will be more hectic and vigorous than usual starting tonight and ending Sunday night. Tonight is the final rehearsal for the Jewels before our big show Sunday. Friday and Saturday night I will be working at a haunted event here in Southern California, and that means a lot of running around, Monster energy drinks, and greasy pizza. I'm hoping to pull it together enough for Sunday's show, then take Monday to sleep and recover. Laundry can wait til Tuesday.

The reason I told you all that was to paint the picture for the sort of activity that will be going on while trying Protandim in addition to my normal daily medications and vitamins. It sets the bar very high for this stuff, but it will be good to know how my body responds in its more active and less-rested state.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 2 - Wednesday, December 7th 2011

Took Protandim with my Zoloft this morning, and was able to make time for a waffle and milk breakfast. I woke up feeling pretty good, considering my limited hours of sleep due to a late rehearsal last night. However, I woke up late and was in too much of a rush to notice how my joints were feeling.

Not sleeping a decent number of hours takes a serious toll on me. "Fibro-fog" takes over, and I find it hard to move or think. I don't feel as motivated and my muscles feel flu-like. These are normal conditions after I do not rest well... and being it that I have a cold, these feelings are magnified. However, I am noticing that, even with a cold, I do not hurt too badly today. My throat hurts and I'm congested (cold, duh) and I am foggy as hell, but I am surprisingly not too stiff or tender. Maybe the fibro fit I had last week is finally fading away? Maybe because I started my monthlies, my PMS symptoms have ebbed? Maybe the Protandim is actually doing something? I guess time will tell, won't it? ;)

Today, remembering to drink lots of water, sit up strait, carry tasks through to the end, and smile. (did my give-a-shit just get a little bigger? hmmm...)

Day 1 - Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

My boyfriend and I are starting Protandim together. He is a healthy, slender 30 year old with previous injuries due to extreme sports. I am not so healthy, but I am fit. I suffer from fibromyalgia, which is, at times, completely debilitating. We're starting the Protandim together in an effort to strengthen our own bodies and prepare for that lovely chunk of life we call "middle age".

I took my Protandim pill today with my Zoloft (no change to the pattern since I take Zoloft every morning). The boyfriend took his at the same time with no other medications.

No breakfast this morning, I didn't have time. I did have a (gigantic) cup of coffee with cream and sugar. The coffee happens every morning, though recently I have cut it down from two cups in the morning to just one.

I noticed that I felt more awake and spry during my morning walk. I felt pushed along rather than dragging my own body weight like its a lifeless corpse. Focus at work is a bit clearer, too. There is a lot going on here now, and I feel like I can mentally keep up.

Toward the end of the day, I did feel a bit cloudy in the mind, but this is normal for me and I felt honestly less foggy than usual. After a cup of coffee in the evening, I was able to complete a night's rehearsal without slowing down until the very end.

I have felt no side effects yet from the supplement and look forward to taking it again tomorrow morning. :)